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Shipping Instructions

  1. To keep the flowers in the best condition for preservation, The day of the wedding, the flowers should be placed in a cool environment (ideally 38-42 degrees) after the ceremony.  Flowers should be shipped out to Swallowtail Flowers as quickly as possible (within one to two days after the ceremony.)

  2. Shipping and materials for shipping to be provided by customer.

  3. Remove all non-floral items that you do not want to be part of the frame.  Any lace/ribbons/paper/pendants/etc. that are not a part of the work should be sent.  Swallowtail Flowers cannot retain or resend these items.  We will discard them if not kept by you.

  4. Flowers should be shipped via 1-2 day shipping, UPS has the best rates.

  5. Keep flowers cool during shipping.  One method of doing this is placing stems in a damp paper towel and then in a plastic bag with a rubber band to seal in moisture and keep box from getting wet.  If the box becomes wet the box will be opened by the mail carrier which could result in damage to your flowers. 

  6. Don’t wrap the flowers themselves with anything, this will cause them to be smashed and mold.  Loose packing peanuts will help them to travel well

  7. Add any extra flowers that you would like to be preserved so that our preservation specialist can choose the best flowers to add to your frame.

  8. Gently add packing material to keep from moving in the box during shipment, but don’t smash the flowers.

  9. Add a instructions in the box that has your name, email, and contact phone number for information.  Please list all of the items in the box (e.g. bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, boutonnaire, mother-in-law wrist corsage)

  10. When your flowers arrive we will take a picture of their current condition and send the picture to you.  If the flowers don’t come in a workable condition, we cannot proceed with them as is.  It is possible to reorder blooms as replacements through either our farm or the local floral distributors with which we partner.

  11. Please do not schedule deliveries for either Saturday or Sunday to our farm as the major carriers will not deliver until Monday and your flowers are likely to sit in a warm room throughout the weekend.

  12. Return shipping is included in the final pricing for the project.

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