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Start Your Preservation Journey: Top 10 Flowers for Beginner Success"

Introduction: Swallowtail Flowers wants you to embrace the Art of Flower preservation with our list of 10 flowers to start you on your journey!

Flower preservation landscape with Sunflowers and Ranunculus
flower preservation landscape art by Swallowtail Flowers

Flower preservation, an age-old art form, has seen a resurgence in popularity as a creative craft in recent years. It offers a delightful way to preserve the natural beauty of flowers and transform them into stunning pressed blooms that can be cherished for years to come. This artful technique involves gently flattening flowers between the pages of a heavy book or using a specialized flower press, which allows moisture to evaporate while keeping the intricate details intact.

In this article, we'll explore the enchanting world of flower preservation and share a list of the top 10 beginner-friendly flowers that are perfect for this captivating craft. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a complete novice, these flowers will surely inspire you to create beautiful, pressed creations that capture the essence of nature's fleeting beauty.

White and Blue Ball Hydrangea
Hydrangeas perfect for preservation

Hydrangeas - Timeless Elegance in Every Petal

Hydrangeas, with their captivating clusters of large blooms and a mesmerizing array of colors, exude timeless elegance. These magnificent flowers possess a unique characteristic that makes them exceptionally well-suited for pressing. Their sturdy, robust petals and thick foliage allow them to retain their charm even after the pressing process, making them an ideal choice for beginners.

Once you've pressed your hydrangeas, the possibilities for incorporating them into various craft projects are endless. Adorn your greeting cards with pressed hydrangea petals for a touch of sophistication or create intricate floral designs for scrapbooking and journaling. You can also frame pressed hydrangeas as standalone art pieces, bringing the essence of nature into your home décor.

Field of Shasta Daisies
Shasta Daisy

Daisies - Simple Beauty, Stunning Results

Among the most beloved and timeless flowers, daisies hold a special place in the hearts of many. Their simple yet captivating beauty makes them an excellent choice for beginners venturing into the art of flower preservation. With their delicate petals and slender stems, daisies press beautifully, preserving their charming appeal.

To press daisies effectively, carefully pluck fresh blooms and position them between layers of absorbent paper. Once dried, the pressed daisies can be utilized in an array of craft projects and decorations. Adorn your bookmarks with daisy petals, create captivating pressed flower wall art, or add a touch of whimsy to homemade candles by embedding these stunning blooms into the wax.

Pansy Flower for preservation
Pansy Flower

Pansies - A Kaleidoscope of Colors

Pansies, often referred to as nature's little masterpieces, boast an extraordinary variety of colors and patterns, resembling a living kaleidoscope. Their captivating hues make them a delightful choice for pressing, as they retain their intricate designs even after the pressing process.

When pressing pansies, choose blooms that are fully open but not overly mature, as this will ensure optimal results. Once pressed and dried, these miniature marvels can be used to embellish greeting cards, create botanical wall art, or add a burst of color to homemade soap bars. Their versatility and stunning appearance make them a favorite choice for crafters and floral enthusiasts alike.

Field of Cosmos
Cosmos: Perfect for pressing

Cosmos - Graceful and Effortless

The graceful appearance of cosmos, with their delicate, feathery petals dancing in the breeze, is nothing short of enchanting. Thankfully, preserving their elegance through pressing is just as effortless. Cosmos flowers lend themselves beautifully to the pressing process, and their captivating charm remains intact even in their flattened state.

To press cosmos effectively, gather fresh flowers and lay them gently between parchment paper. Once dried, these pressed cosmos can be used to create captivating botanical prints, decorate plain wooden boxes, or add a touch of natural beauty to handmade journals. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, as cosmos gracefully adapt to various crafting ventures.

Field of Marigolds
Marigolds for Pressing

Marigolds - Vibrant Sunbursts

Marigolds, with their vibrant hues reminiscent of sunbursts, are a celebration of colors and positivity. Their striking appearance and robust petals make them an excellent choice for pressing, and they easily withstand the pressing process while retaining their vivid colors.

To preserve the radiant charm of marigolds, ensure that they are fully dry before pressing, as any residual moisture might affect the final result. Once pressed, these vibrant sunbursts can be used to embellish photo frames, create eye-catching floral collages, or add a burst of color to handmade bookmarks. Incorporating pressed marigolds into your crafts will infuse them with warmth and joy, reminiscent of sunny summer days.

Field of California Poppies
California Poppies

California Poppies - Nature's Watercolor Beauties

California poppies are a true testament to nature's watercolor palette, boasting warm shades of orange and yellow that mimic the hues of a summer sunset. These vibrant blooms retain their artistic allure even after pressing, making them a cherished addition to any pressed flower collection. The delicate, feathery petals of California poppies create a unique texture that sets them apart, adding a touch of elegance to any pressed arrangement.

Pressing California poppies is a delightful experience, as they dry easily and maintain their captivating colors and shapes. Once pressed, these nature's watercolor beauties can be used to create stunning botanical prints, adding a splash of warmth and radiance to any wall. Incorporate them into homemade stationery for an exquisite touch or encapsulate their beauty within clear resin for one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that showcase the wonders of nature.

Viola for pressing

Violas - Tiny Treasures

Violas, with their diminutive yet enchanting blooms, are like tiny treasures waiting to be discovered in the world of flower preservation. Perfect for beginners, these delicate flowers are easy to press, and their adorable appearance remains intact in pressed form. Whether you choose the classic purple and yellow varieties or the charming pansy-like faces, pressed violas add a whimsical touch to any crafting project.

Use pressed violas to embellish handmade cards, turning them into heartfelt keepsakes that convey a touch of nature's beauty. These tiny treasures also make for delightful adornments in gift wrapping, adding a touch of charm to any present. Create intricate pressed flower collages by combining violas with other pressed blooms, showcasing their delicate beauty in an artistic masterpiece that celebrates the wonders of the natural world.

Coreopsis flowers
Coreopsis: Splash of unique color

Coreopsis - Rays of Sunshine

Coreopsis flowers are like rays of sunshine captured in bloom, radiating bright yellow and orange hues that symbolize joy and positivity. Pressing coreopsis allows you to preserve their cheerful nature, bringing a burst of brightness to any pressed flower art. These delightful blooms are easy to press, making them a popular choice for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Once pressed, coreopsis can be creatively used to make vibrant greeting cards that convey heartfelt messages with a touch of sunshine. Combine them with other pressed flowers to create intricate mandalas or symmetrical designs that celebrate the harmonious beauty of nature. Their radiant colors also make them ideal candidates for pressing flower bookmarks, making your reading moments all the more enjoyable with a dash of nature's brightness.

Armful of Cherry Carmel Phlox
Carmel Cherry Phlox raised at Swallowtail Flowers

Phlox - A Tapestry of Colors

Phlox flowers present a stunning tapestry of colors, boasting a wide range of hues that press beautifully, maintaining their brilliance and vibrancy. These small, clustered blooms create a striking effect when preserved, making them an excellent addition to pressed flower collages and various craft projects.

Unleash your creativity with pressed phlox by crafting unique floral arrangements that showcase their diversity. Combine them with other pressed flowers to create visually stunning art pieces that resemble colorful mosaics. Alternatively, use pressed phlox to decorate gift tags, giving presents a personalized touch of natural elegance. Their diverse colors and compact size make phlox an excellent choice for adding intricate details to botanical-themed scrapbooking and journaling projects.

Bachelor Buttons at Swallowtail Flowers
Bachelor Button varieties

Bachelor's Buttons - Simple Elegance

Bachelor's Buttons, also known as cornflowers, epitomize simple elegance with their delicate, layered petals and slender stems. As a timeless choice for beginners in flower preservation, these charming flowers press effortlessly, retaining their delicate beauty and graceful appearance.

Pressed bachelor's buttons can be transformed into elegant pressed flower coasters, adding a touch of natural beauty to your dining table or workspace. Combine them with pressed ferns to create ethereal botanical wall art that evokes a sense of tranquility and harmony. Their understated charm also makes them perfect for adding subtle embellishments to handmade invitations and announcements, infusing each piece with a touch of delicate sophistication.

Flower Preservation of Pink Ranunculus and Pink Larkspur
Pink Ranunculus and Pink Larkspur

Conclusion: Unleash Your Creativity with Easy Flower preservation

Now that you've explored the world of flower preservation with the top 10 beginner-friendly flowers, it's time to let your creativity bloom! Embrace the art of flower preservation and experiment with these captivating blooms to create stunning masterpieces that capture the beauty of nature in every petal. From the timeless elegance of hydrangeas to the simple charm of daisies and the tapestry of colors found in phlox, each flower offers a unique and rewarding experience in the realm of pressed floral art.

Gather your favorite flowers, press them with care, and watch as they transform into breathtaking creations. Whether you choose to create intricate botanical prints, elegant greeting cards, or whimsical collages, the possibilities are endless. So, let your imagination take flight, and immerse yourself in the captivating art of flower preservation. Happy pressing!

With these top 10 beginner-friendly flowers for stunning pressed blooms, you can embark on a delightful journey into the art of flower preservation. As you explore the enchanting possibilities that each flower offers, you'll discover that capturing nature's fleeting beauty has never been more accessible and rewarding. So, gather your favorite flowers, embrace your creativity, and let the art of flower preservation unfold its timeless charm before your eyes. Happy pressing!

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